color and colour sudoku

here you find new and unsolved color sudokus. students of hslu lucerne designed new colour combinations in a daily workshop (thanks!). you will find sudokus for people with colour perception problems here(*). please choose your favourite colours and PLAY (updated 26 september, 2012).

solved: 417  890
Colors by Michael Raadlaub und Konrad Beck >>> PLAY
solved: 599  0
Colors by Tomas Fryscak
>>> PLAY
solved: 611  200
*Colors by Res Eichenberger >>> PLAY
solved: 606  200
Colors by Mara Berger and Julia Schmidt >>> PLAY
solved: 461  0
*Colors by Jenny Früh and Alessia Conidi >>> PLAY
solved: 409  359
*Colors by Sarah von Blumenthal >>> PLAY
solved: 481  400
Colors by Cynthia Kaufmann and Marianne Petruccelli >>>PLAY
solved: 515  300
*Colors by Madlaina Janett >>> PLAY
solved: 426  490
Colors by David Bühler, Daniela Rota, Laura Prim >>> PLAY
other colours from: Henriette Vogtherr, Saskia Schmidt, nonameI, nonameII  
thanks to ralph bärtschi (zurich) for the sudoku code! i use it since 2005 and many sudokus have been finished without any problems – except of unknown brain damage and loosing time for nothing (there is only one solution per sudoku). © 2005–2012 yves sablonier, zurich, sudoku generating code by ralph bärtschi, zurich. please send your mail to